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Doggie Stay

Competition & Seminar Venue Rental

Sirius Unleashed Dog Sports is excited to provide Saskatoon's only large scale dog only venue. We have a Varity of spaces thought the property to accommodate anything from a full scale Conformation Dog Show, including room for RV's, dry camping, rings, day tenting/benching, to a small sports seminar. 

Being involved in dog sports Matt and Rachel are well aware of the cost clubs can be up against. With this in mind Sirius unleased has set up a rental structure in such a way that the venue does not become cost prohibitive for clubs and attendees. Pricing models are based primarily on the estimated numbers of dogs present for the event, the amount of space needed, activity and scale of the event.  We do not do flat rate pricing as other venues do so that our space is accessible and within budget. An extremely rough estimation of venue cost would be between 10-30% of entry fees for your event. leaving plenty of room for other costs and profit!

Sports, Seminars & Events 

What We Offer

Sirius Unleashed can do a lot or a little for your events. From configuration, set-up & tear down, organizing bathroom facilities, tents, catering suggestions etc, we  can organize that or leave it to the clubs.

Pricing models vary depending on what each individual requires as far as support, space and scale of the event. 

We offer a collaborative approach to your needs as far as support, & venue selection on our property. 



Sirius Unleashed is making future plans for a competition sized dock diving pool with more accessibility to train & compete 

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