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Private Off-leash Dog Park Rental & Dog Sports Venue

Lush green prairie field, with large cloud filled sky, small dog in background


Sirius Unleashed Dog Sport is Saskatoon's newest private off leash park & Dog Sports Venue.  Private park rentals are highly sought after and provide a safe opportunity to exercise your dog, train uninterrupted or just have some time & space to grow your bond with your dog. 

Sirius Unleashed also offers venue rental for clubs, and trainers to put on seminars, shows & competitions in a venue exclusively available to dogs, no sharing equestrian space here!  We provide an inclusive space for all dog sports, breeds, and individuals.

Venues & Spaces Available

8+ Acre Off leash Park

This fully fenced field is just over 8 acres of prairie, with small bluffs of trees. It is available for private rental by the hour for individuals. Limit of one party per time slot. Offleash rental booking is available under the Book Now Tab           . Payment is required at time of booking and is non refundable.

The field is fenced with standard 4 ft sheep fencing it will contain most dogs. A mowed pathway is maintained in the summer months and snow plowed path in winter months 

This space is available at special rates for professional dog walkers, clubs and trainers. Sprinters, Chase Ability, Tracking, Disk dog and more can all be accommodated in this space. Please send inquiry's to

Image by Roger Chapman

Agility Field 

A full size fenced Agility Field with top of the line Galican equipment will be available for rent during non snow covered months 


This space is provided on an hourly basis per vehicle. Not all required equipment will be available immediately, Rubberized contacts including A-Frame, Teeter, Dog walk, 3 x 20ft tunnels, 2x2 weave poles, full set of weave poles and single bar jumps are available. Wing jumps, specialty jumps, and tire will be arriving late May early June.  

This space is for individuals who may not have access to their own equipment to train. We will not be offering classes at this time. Contacts are made to CKC competition standards, however other federations are welcome to come train in our space. 

Competition & Seminar Venue

Sirius Unleashed Dog Sports is excited to provide Saskatoon's only large scale dog only venue. We have a Varity of spaces thought the property to accommodate anything from a full scale Conformation Dog Show, including room for RV's, dry camping, rings, day tenting/benching, to a small sports seminar. 

Being involved in dog sports Matt and Rachel are well aware of the cost clubs can be up against. With this in mind Siruis unleased has set up a rental structure in such a way that the venue does not become cost prohibitive for clubs and attendees. Pricing models are based on the amount of space needed, activity and scale of the event.  

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Family photo of couple with Doberman, man in white shirt and jeans, girl with pink dress

Who We Are

Dogs Run Deep In Our Hearts. 

Matt and Rachel have a passion for Dogs. Currently they share their home with Kreiger the Doberman and Munroe the German Shepherd Dog. Rachel has never lived a day in her life without a dog, She has previously been involved with all breed rescue, breed specific Border Collie rescue, Agility, Rally Obedience, Barn Hunt, Sprinters, Chase Ability, and Trick dog. The last few years her focus has been on Conformation. Matt has grown up with dogs in his family home. Matt and Kreiger make an excellent team and have started together in Scent work. 

When they moved out to their new acreage it provided the opportunity  to create an inclusive, and accessible Dog sports venue not commonly seen in Saskatchewan.

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Lot D NE 32-38-6 W3rd Corman Park Sask

306 280 3756

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