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Getting here

Sirius Unleashed Dog sports is located just outside Saskatoon in Corman Park off Dalmany road. Take Hwy 16 west out of the city and then Dalmany Rd North. Continue until you come to the intersection of Hwy 305, Turn west at this intersection and travel 3km down the grid road. We are on the south side of the road, you will see a silver shop & driveway with two rows of evergreens on either side. Please double check you are at the correct location and don't end up at the neighbours. 

Google map link:

When you get to the property do not take the driveway to the house, Make an immediate right and drive alongside the trees to the Off-leash park entrance where you can park in front of the gate.  If you are going to the agility Field take an immediate left when you arrive and park near the entrance to the ring. Do not come up and park at the house.

Our Rules 

All dogs must be on leash and under control coming and going from vehicles, the park and training areas.

You must clean up after your dog, This includes putting your bag in the trash! If your dog has pooped and you did not scoop, you will be fined $50.00 before your next booking and/or no longer be welcome to book in the future, It is disrespectful to the owners as well as other patrons to leave messes.

Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and in good health.

Be respectful of your booking times. There is no buffer between bookings, you are expected to come on time, & have exited within your hour booking time frame.

Booking times are at a rate of $15.75 are for one household/vehicle at a time. You, your dogs and the people you come with must fit in one vehicle. If you wish to meet a friend/family/trainer during your time who will be coming in a second vehicle a two vehicle rate applies of $24. You must select the appropriate party size when booking. 

Total party limit can not exceed 6 people and 8 dogs. If you want to come with a larger party please contact us for arrangements and pricing. 

No refunds or cancelations of bookings within 48hrs.

Water is provided on site at the off-leash park via a garden hose. There is a spray nozzle in lieu of a bucket, which are NOT provided. this is to diminish the chances of communicable illness between dogs, Please bring your own. During winter months water is unable to be provided, please bring your own.  

Please keep your dog from digging, if they do, fill in the hole. 

Please bring any deficiencies or concerns to our attention immediately via email or text. 

No Smoking of any substance that has a burning ember. Vape is acceptable. This is due to risk of fire.  

If you are found not adhering to these rules, you will be unable to book any future private rentals. However, you may still attend organized events hosted at Sirius Unleashed.

Image by Marie-Pier Fillion
Image by Melissa Whitecross

Agility Field Rules

The same rules that apply to the Off-leash park apply at the Agility Field as well. 

The agility field is made available with the intention of providing more access for individuals who do not have access to equipment through a club or other means, We do not provide any classes or one on one training. 

The agility field is only available to rent by those that are experienced in the sport, or have been taking lessons from a qualified instructor, this may include online classes. 

Sirius Unleashed Dog Sports reserves the right to evaluate anyone renting this space to ensure they are safe and experienced. If you are found not being safe on the equipment you will be asked to leave. 

A damage deposit is not required at this time, however if you do inadvertently damage any of the equipment, please notify us immediately.  Our dogs are hard on equipment as well and we recognize that with repeated use some things may just fail, break or need repairs. This is this is primarily a matter of safety, especially if the field is booked by others right after you. 

If you find broken equipment when you arrive, do not use it and again please notify us immediately via email or text. 

Membership Plans

Membership plans and pricing are available in 1-month passes, 6-month memberships, and memberships for professional dog walkers in 3-month periods. These memberships provide unlimited bookings, up to a maximum of one per day during that period of time for the membership holder and are subject to the following rules and limitations:

You must sign up for a site profile to track your membership.

These memberships are for single individuals or households under the same roof. These memberships can not be shared and are non-transferable. 

You may be asked to provide details such as vehicle and pet information.

You must book your time slot through the booking calendar. Membership does not allow you to show up at any time you must book your own private time slot.  Appointment times are first come first served. Please be respectful of booking times, these are finite. Multiple (3 or more) no-shows without 48hrs cancellation notice will result in memberships being cancelled without notice, without refund.

All Off-leash park policies apply.  

Memberships are valid from the day of purchase for the period of time purchased.

No refunds for any reason once purchased.

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Image by Tonia Kraakman

Weather Policy 

All appointments are non-refundable. We do however have a weather policy in place for times that access or safety impact the use of the park. This policy will be applied at the discretion of Sirius Unleashed Dog Sports alone. This policy applies only to our property and the control Sirius Unleashed has over it, it does not apply to circumstances affecting clients' ability to get to the park. If this policy is implemented Sirius Unleashed will contact you via email to reschedule your booking. This policy will generally be implemented if there is no access to the park on our property. This could be due to snow accumulation, closed highways as defined by the Saskatchewan Highway Hotline, flooding, or any unforeseen impediment. Rain, wind, snow and cold weather do not trigger the implementation of this policy alone. Concerning safety; bookings will be rescheduled for active large-scale snowstorms, lightning, hail, and tornado warnings. These weather events must be forecast and present on weather radar within an hour of your booking. This does not apply to watches or future forecasts. Once these weather systems have passed all bookings following will resume as scheduled. 

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